Wedding shoes man

13/10/2014 15:18

The man is the groom, best man, or just a wedding guest,  to know the type and color appropriate footwear wicked. But the implementation of the call, the wrong shoes can ruin the overall appearance. This is why choosing wedding shoes Men are often important for the bride, wife, girlfriend or mother. 


Here are some tips on how to choose the right shoes for men filed a formal wedding: 



It should be men wedding shoes generally tight as possible with feet pointed slightly to long slender legs. Shoes maintain or round square does not really work with formal attire. The only exception to this rule is the tuxedo, which is usually worn with shoes around the province. The most popular style of wedding shoes, men shoes is a little slip on, but if you choose mixed shoes, you need to ensure the finest possible string, and they are exactly the same color as the shoe. The skin is a common material for formal shoes, and it can be matte or glossy. For a very formal event, especially  your time at night, according to place and style wedding at your choice shoes can provide color contrast of marriage, but cannot be the focal point of dresses. 
Here is a guide for matching shoes wedding men suits with different colors: 
If a black suit or charcoal should only wear black shoes. This could be matte or glossy. If the action is light gray with no shades of chocolate, and black shoes are a common style. It can also be worn in white color shoes for wedding day. If light brown boots pursuit, gray, brown or black is a good option, but if in doubt, choose the color black. The combination is the right choice is  white shoes. If you dress  colored costume  with white clothes, the same color as the shirt can be accepted. If the trial is a cream, to light or medium brown shoes are the right choice. He can wear white shoes with a tan suit, but you will see one with a cream suit. 
If the call had been contracted, it may be worth asking if you can rent the shoes to match. While some men are reluctant to wear shoes that are appointed, it increases the chances of finding a pair of shoes that work well with the suit, and give him a spray on a pair of shoes that should not be a combination . As the bride and groom wear shoes for a long time on your wedding day and it is very rare to find someone immediately comfortable without breaking. Dress shoes to wear to work for a week, or even just walking around the house in the months before the wedding that will make him comfortable enough to strut stuff on the dance floor.