10 tips for choosing the best wedding shoes

14/10/2014 02:19

Wedding shoes and that can have a big impact on your wedding day to avoid suffering the beauty you choose the best and most comfortable bridal shoes. The best way to ensure that you get it right the first time is to have a list of your wedding shoes. 



You can travel in style and comfort, here are 10 tips for choosing the best wedding shoes! 


1. to prepare for a shopping adventure of your wedding shoes with socks, tissue samples, wedding jewelry, and a list of shops to explore. 

2. height of the heel is important for the success of your big day. If you use a non-existent or weak to keep as a guide heeled heels. Do not use high heels killer legs to them. You want to walk down the aisle with elegance and dancing and socializing for hours to make the high heel shoes, so you can easily manage the comfort shoes for wedding. 

3. Before you buy shoes have a nice walk in the store with the socks to see how they feel - they pinch, and lower your heels, apply to any place can cause pimples? You may need to order a different size or easily try different styles. 

4. traditional wedding shoes or silk or satin and covered in the same fabric and wedding dress. Now the time has changed and you have more options. Bridal shoes that you can in beautiful colors like pink and soft blue or green, it can also be a paper Martins If that's your thing! 

5. general rules of the fabric is shiny fabric of silk, matte crepe shoes and clothes and shoes that are easy to fancy clothes and fancy shoes in clothing easily shiny shoes. 

6. to consider the style of shoes - shoes should be made ​​open toe nails painted them, not the end of the sock. If you wear socks should be covered fingers shoes. 

7. Put your shoes in the house and the class so that you can travel safely and comfortably in her dance. Want to know how to wear it so that you know if you need to put the bandages when getting ready in the day. You want to be able to walk on the wood floors, carpet, tile and stone must be exercised to walk on different surfaces in your shoes so that they look as beautiful as you want

8. shoe soles provide advance by light scratches with sandpaper so they have more texture to grasp. The only self-adhesive pads are also available. 

9. Have you or blister bandages parts are useful in day care of any unforeseen shocks. 

10. Take your wedding shoes for a tip wedding dress length dress hem can be made perfect. These details make a big difference.